“Name” Casting; feat. Katie Morrison (actress)

Naomi breaks down what the process is really like to cast a “name” actor in an indie film and why it matters.

Then she interviews actress Katie Morrison who co-starred with her in Imagine I’m Beautiful , co-starred with last week’s guest Sonja O’Hara in her film Ovum, and also stars in the upcoming film Unnervedwhich will premiere  at the Phoenix International Film Festival and soon be available digitally. More about Katie here: http://katiemorrison.net/

Favorite Thing this Week: Designer of Fear(ful)less logo and graphic designer extraordinaire, Brian Fabry Dorsam.

As always, the work of this podcast is for Naomi to help you and herself crack the nut of how to have a life as an artist and entrepreneur, so if you have stories to share from your own life – successes, failures, times you learned something – or if you have a question you would like Naomi to answer or find the answer to or a person you would like her to interview – send them all her way. Write or send a voice memo to fearfulless@gmail.com

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