And some weeks…you lose your director; feat. Meredith Edwards (our new director)

Naomi talks about losing their longtime director this week for her feature film Bite Me, which is slated to go into production in two months – so…yeah – but then also how they managed to pull things back on track and, somewhat miraculously, find a new director within a a matter of days. It was just another week in indie filmmaking land…but this one was a doozy.

Interview: Meredith Edwards, the wonderful new director who has been pulled on to direct Bite Me and save the day! Meredith also directed Naomi’s first feature film, Imagine I’m Beautiful. They talk about finding confidence in your vision, diverging paths, and what it feels like to be getting the band back together.

Favorite Thing This Week: The Director List – a fantastic resource put together by superhero Destri Martino as a way to help projects find female directors.

As always, the work of this podcast is for Naomi to help you and herself crack the nut of how to have a life as an artist and entrepreneur, so if you have stories to share from your own life – successes, failures, times you learned something – or if you have a question you would like Naomi to answer or find the answer to or a person you would like her to interview – send them all her way. Write or send a voice memo to

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