Report from Women’s Media Summit; feat. Maria Giese (director and women in film superhero

Naomi reports back after spending three days at the Women’s Media Summit in Provincetown – a serious gathering of those 102 women (and 3 men) working dedicatedly to bring more women into film. The goal of the gathering? To devise a coordinated, nuts-and-bolts action plan for bringing about real change.

Interview: Maria Giese – a film director as well as the spark behind the Women’s Media Summit and the force that ignited the current ACLU and EEOC’s investigations into illegal discriminatory hiring practices at the 6 major Hollywood studios. Maria provides listeners with an incredible, first-hand oral history of the legal battles attempting to address the lack of women in film – starting with The Original Six case in the late 70s/early 80s, all the way up to her own battles today. Maria is a warrior of an activist and provides an invaluable perspective on how to create real change. (Maria also wants listeners to know that they can get in touch with her to learn more get involved in the fight at aegisfilms at

Favorite Thing This Week: Michael Moore’s latest film, Where to Invade Next, which brilliantly challenges some of our US-baseline assumptions about standards of living (hint: ours are far from the highest on the planet): everything from work to healthcare to school lunches. Available to watch on iTunes and Amazon.

As always, the work of this podcast is for Naomi to help you and herself crack the nut of how to have a life as an artist and entrepreneur, so if you have stories to share from your own life – successes, failures, times you learned something – or if you have a question you would like Naomi to answer or find the answer to or a person you would like her to interview – send them all her way. Write or send a voice memo to


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