On Turning 30; feat. Joanne Zippel (manager/career coach)

Naomi speaks about turning 30 this week.

Interview: Naomi talks to her manager Joanne Zippel who also currently works as a career coach through her company Zip Creative and has over 25 years experience as an entrepreneur working in theater, live event production, marketing, promotion, sponsorship, development, and literary management. Joanne offers invaluable advice to artists of all levels on how to define and build a career that will truly fulfill you, how she thinks about “bridge work” v. a “day job,” and gives her insight, having watched and participated in the trajectory of so many artist’s careers over the years, what it truly takes to “make it.” You can find Joanne on Facebook and sign up for her newsletter/learn more about hiring her as a career coach on her website, Zip Creative.

Favorite Thing This Week: Dan Rather’s feed, News and Guts, on Facebook and Twitter, which is doing a sober and terrific job of cutting through the tornado of information in this insane political moment to point you towards the stories that matter as they break.

As always, the work of this podcast is for Naomi to help you and herself crack the nut of how to have a life as an artist and entrepreneur, so if you have stories to share from your own life – successes, failures, times you learned something – or if you have a question you would like Naomi to answer or find the answer to or a person you would like her to interview – send them all her way. Write or send a voice memo to fearfulless@gmail.com

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