Mini-pode: Audience Attitudes Towards Female Representation in Film; feat. Elif Mamak

Naomi re-records her (lost) interview with former Northeastern University student Elif Mamak, who worked in Gregory Goodale’s “Advocacy Writing” class with fellow classmates on a research paper entitled, “Audience Data/Attitudes Towards Female Representation in Film.” In order to write the paper, Elif and her classmates surveyed 116 film viewers on their habits surrounding choosing content to watch, their awareness (or lack of) the women in film problem, and to what extent that does or doesn’t shape their viewing habits. Naomi and Elif discuss the team’s findings, the implications their research has for the women in film movement, and Elif’s deep and abiding love for Master of None.

If any listeners can offer or help Elif get a job, utilizing her Communications degree, email and Naomi will put you in touch with her.

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