Balance; feat. Paten Hughes (actress, creator, tomato farmer)

Naomi announces a 4-week hiatus for the podcast as well as the workshops she’s going to begin offering for other filmmakers (more information for those on her website here: ).

Interview: Naomi talks to actress, creator, and tomato farmer Paten Hughes about what it is to make the lifestyle choice of telling stories, her crippling fear of saran wrap, and how one of the worst moments in her career led her to become a part-time tomato farmer, something that has revitalized her joy in the work and out of which also grew her web-series Heirloom, which has received over 4 million views on Vimeo. You can watch Heirloom HERE (free for a limited time) and please follow her/them on Instagram at Twitter: Paten is @trespay and the show is @heirloomseries on Twitter and @heirloomtheseries on Instagram.

Favorite Thing This Week: Yeah…it’s Wonder Woman. Naomi has caveats, but whatever the films faults, it is a moving and important step forward.

As always, the work of this podcast is for Naomi to help you and herself crack the nut of how to have a life as an artist and entrepreneur, so if you have stories to share from your own life – successes, failures, times you learned something – or if you have a question you would like Naomi to answer or find the answer to or a person you would like her to interview – send them all her way. Write or send a voice memo to


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