Final week of pre-pro and cast announced! feat. Naomi Grossman (actress)

Naomi talks about the final week of pre-production, including their first table read with the full (or most of the) cast, and is able to finally announce their leading actors!

Interview: Naomi talks to Naomi Grossman, who will very soon playing Chrissy in Bite Me, best known for playing Pepper in seasons 2 & 4 of American Horror Story. Naomi’s G and MJ talk about Naomi G’s long and twisty journey to finally breaking through with AHS, how two separate years walking away from the business in her life brought her to a renewed sense of joy and passion for the work, and how her life has changed as a result of the cult following-fame that playing Pepper brought her.

Favorite Thing This Week: Naomi has been watching Netflix’s Ozark to decompress from pre-production and is digging it so far. Jason Bateman and Laura Linney…how can you go wrong?

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